Simply Social
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How to Join

Annual membership costs £21

We also operate a three months' trial membership. You can choose to join for three months at a cost of £7 (single). At the end of that period you can then join for the remainder of the year by paying a nine month 'top-up'. That's £14 for individuals.

We will send you an email reminder shortly before your membership is due for renewal.

We ask that every member organises at least two events (or one event in their first year of membership) each year. This affects the amount you pay on renewal. For individuals, renewal is £42 reduced to £21 if the member has organised two events (or one event in their first year of membership) in the previous year

To pay via BACS, please email the treasurer at: Our treasurer will be pleased to provide the Simply Social bank account details. Cheques may be made payable to Simply Social if you join by post. Payment in pounds Sterling please.

The process

Please start by looking at our club's conditions of membership from which you can download an application form.

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